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Hello everybody,

we are looking for a person that is flying to Europe in the near future and is willing to bring dog/s to his desperate owners!
The ideal scenario would be a flight with KLM from Kia Airport to Amsterdam as final destination, but we will be happy about any option and will try to make it work.
All paperwork for the dogs, the travel crate, transport to KIA Airport, payment of her flight and the pick up at your destination will be arranged. The only thing the ‘flight-buddy’ has to do is to book them on the flight and to check them in and out at the Airports.
Their owner/s will wait at the Airport of destination to gratefully finally receive them.
If you are flying within the next 2 month and think you can help, please get in contact!

or WhatsApp Sandra

From past experience I feel the need to clarify that we DON’T offer a free flight, we rather look for somebody who will already fly and can book the dog/s on his/her ticket 😉

Thank you so much!

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