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Beth, Le and Hem got in big trouble when their owner moved out and just left them behind without food, shelter or someone who cared about them. After 2 or 3 month sticking around their ‘home’ and fending for themselves we got notice about the trio, started to feed the starving dogs and slowly gained their trust.

Still not comfortable enough to allow us to touch them, they are roaming free on our property. Of course that can only be a temporary solution and we urgently look to find them finally the forever home they so deserve.

Not aggressive, but wary of people they proofed to be excellent watchdogs and will reliably alert their owner about everything what is going on.

A enclosed compound where they can run free day and night is what we have in mind for the two boys and their girl.

They are all neutered, vaccinated and treated for parasites and since they have spend all their lives together, we won’t split them up.

If you are ready to give these beautiful dogs a safe place to live please contact us via

WhatsApp (only) +255786900973 (Sandra)

Thank you!

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