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Items Weight  Price  
 Haribo Balla Stixx Strawberry  160g       7,500.00
 Haribos Giant Strawbs bag  175g       7,500.00
 Haribo share the happy (22 mini bags)  352gm     27,000.00
 Haribo Jelly Babies Double Trouble Bag  175g       7,500.00
 Haribo Roulette Multipack Bag  150g       7,500.00
 Haribo Sour Sparks Bag Sweets Sharing Bag  175g     10,000.00
Haribo Supermix Fruit Milk&Sweet Foam Gums 175g       7,500.00
Haribo Fruitilicious Fruits Gums 150g       7,500.00
Haribo Halal Gold Bears 100g       7,500.00
Haribo Starmix 175g       7,500.00
Haribo Jelly Babies Double Trouble Bag 175g       7,500.00
Haribo Tangfastics 175g       7,500.00
Haribo Giant Strawbs Fruits Gums 175g       7,500.00
Haribo Maoam Joystixx 140g       7,500.00
 Haribo Maoam Stripes  140g       7,500.00
Moam Pinball Stick Pack 30g       3,000.00
 Cadbury Éclair bag  100g      10,000
 Asda Ice Cream Sundaes  40g       3,000.00
 Asda White Chocolate Button  30g       3,000.00
 Asda Jelly Beans Sweets  40g       3,000.00
 Asda Strawberry  Cables  40g       3,000.00
 Asda Cola Flavour Bottles  40g       3,000.00
 Asda Fizzy Cola Bottles  40g       3,000.00
 Asda Milk Bottles  40g       3,000.00
 Asda Mini Mart Mushrooms  40g       3,000.00
 Asda Unicorn Foams  40g       3,000.00
 Asda Super Sour Snakes  40g       3,000.00
 Asda Jelly Babies Sweets  190g     10,000.00
 Asda  Wine Gums Jelly Sweets  190g     10,000.00
 Asda Pick N Mix  40g       3,000.00
 Asda Shrimps & Banana Foam Sweets  40g       3,000.00
 Asda Milk Chocolate Button  30g       3,000.00
 Barratt Sherbet Fountain Sweet  25g       3,000.00
 Midget Gems Jelly Sweets  25G     10,000.00
 Rowntrees Fruit Gums Sweets  150g     10,000.00
 Smarties Mini Milk Chocolate Sweets bag  15g       2,000.00
 Barratt Wham Original Chew Bar Sweet  25g       3,000.00
 Barratt Dip Dab Sweet  23g       3,000.00
 Barratt Refreshers Sweets  34g       3,000.00
 Barratt Flumps Marshmallow Sweet  20g       3,000.00
 Swizzle Sweets bag  189g     15,000.00
Swizzels Bumper Bag 180g     15,000.00
 Swizzle Spring Mix bag  500g     35,000.00
 Swizzle Double Dip Orange and Cherry Flavour  19g       3,000.00
 Chupa Chups Big Babol Tutti Frutti  27.6g       2,000.00
 Rowntrees Jelly Tots  Sweets Sharing bag  150g     10,000.00
 Ms Molly Midget Gems  200g     10,000.00
 Chupa Chups XXL Lolly  29g       1,000.00
 Chupa Chups Mini (22 lollipops)  132g     10,000.00
 Tesco Pear Drops  200g     10,000.00
 Tesco Midget Gems  200g     10,000.00
Tesco Mini Jelly Beans 85g       3,000.00
Tesco Rowntrees Jelly Tots  Pouch bag 150g     10,000.00
Tesco Rowntrees Pick N Mix Pouch Bag 150g     10,000.00
Tesco Jelly Beans 200g     10,000.00
Tesco Fruit Pastilles 200g     10,000.00
Tesco Fizzy Watermelon Slices 75g       3,000.00
Tesco Dolly Mixtures 85g       3,000.00
Tesco Fruit Jellies 200g     10,000.00
Tesco Raspberry Mushrooms 75g       3,000.00
Tesco Jelly Cherries 75g       3,000.00
Tesco Strawberry pencils 75g       3,000.00
Tesco Banana Milkshake Bottle 80g       3,000.00
Tesco Fizzy Multicolour Sweet Belt 75g       3,000.00
Tesco Strawberry Flavour Laces 75g       3,000.00
Starburst Fruits Chews Stick 45g       7,500.00
Skittles Fruit Bag 140g     15,000.00
Pick n Mix Cups(Sugared Worms,Fizzy Tangarine, Fizzy Rings         3,000.00
Assorted Sweets Treat bag available from         3,000.00
Sweets and chocolate gift boxes available from       15,000.00
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