We are selling the following used vehicles which needs some repair;


  1. Suzuki Carry, with Chassis No. DA63T698984, Engine No. 339X147X179, Registration No. T454CQF.

2.Mercedes-Benz, with Chassis No. WDB6743151K222740, Engine No. 904906007382, Registration No. T175AGG.

  1. Mitsubishi Canter, with Chassis No. THBFEB71ELDX00561, Engine No. VRN841325, Registration No. T693CUN
  2. Faun Grader (Contraction Equipment), with Chassis No. 3220408, Engine No.6305358, Registration No. T184ACC.
  3. Trailer (Low bed) with chassis No. A-1591, Registration No. T245ACC.

Price: 55 million for all of them.


Please contact:

Emanuel for swahili speaker- 0769 200 852


Ronald for english speaker- 0789 239 490



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