Eco-packaging from Vegware, available here in Arusha, Tanzania

Eco-packaging from Vegware, available here in Arusha, Tanzania

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Time to make an ethical choice VS cost.

We all want to do something about the vast amount of plastic that we use in this world.

But options are limited for what we can do.

We at This’N’That have various options available for companies that wish to change from plastic to an Eco-Friendly option. You can make small changes like opt for wooden cutlary as opposed to plastic throw away OR go big and go plastic free.

We have stock of Plant based products from #vegware that decompose in 12 weeks in the ideal climate or in 6-9 months if just left to nature which of course is a better option to plastic that stays for 1000+ years.

These products are ideal for lunch boxes, in camps for storage, take aways and even can take hot and cold food depending on what you need.

We already have stock in Tanzania and place orders monthly to get anything we don’t have stock of.

(One-month or less from order time and payment to receipt)

We in Africa rely on our wild life and beautiful countryside the make our businesses prosper so we must protect these things and then we can all prosper and keep our animals and country clean.


Contact us on +255 787028784/ Whatsapp

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