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I am a 23 years old female searching for a job in Arusha City. I attained my bachelor degree in Environmental Science at the University of Dodoma 2 years ago. I previously worked at a reputable organization where my duties involved making site visit and assisting on developing projects timelines, preparing work plans for projects, ensuring availability of resources for efficient and effective performance, data collection and analysis, documenting funds given to run the projects and to ensure projects meet legal requirements. Additionally I carried out duties such as patrols to safeguard forest assets, collecting Forestry and beekeeping revenues, marketing of forest and bee products and services, Management of forest and bee resources and establishment and maintenance of nurseries in a government organization.

In relation to my skills; I have excellent written and verbal communication in both Swahili and English language. Additionally I have excellent problem-solving skills, wide experience in research writing, keenness in identifying environmental issues and proposing environmental solutions, quick and accurate in completing tasks and assignments, as well as attention to details and instructions. Furthermore, I have experience in Internet (E-mail and search engines), I am also proficient in using Microsoft Office Suite or related software (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) including the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS),  digital mapping and Global Positioning System (GPS) equipments.

I am a dedicated, disciplined, ambitious, determined, considerate, communicative, observant and trustworthy. All these shape me to be skilled and competent. My experience and expertise, combined with my attention to details and overall ablity to adapt to different systems make me highly skilled in different organizational duties. I would greatly appretiate the opportunity to prove how my qualifications and enthusiasm can be of benefit to an organization.

Please feel free to contacted me through the following address;

Email: mkundeh2711@gmail.com

Phone no: 0688591966

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