The Regional Capacity Building Institute (RECABI) based at Arusha, Tanzania hereby invites you to the course of Public Relations and Customer Care.
Details are given below:
1. *Heading*
2. *Introduction*
In the 21st century customer care and good public relations can make a huge difference in a business. Low productivity, limited customer feedback,  poor product and service  quality, limited sales, low repeat business, bad external relations, etc all can be sorted out through strategic customer care training. Attend this course and help save your employer’s business.
3. *Dates*
29th August to 2nd  September, 2022 and  5th to 9th September, 2022.
4. *Venue*
5. *Course Fee*
Fee is TZS 350 000 per pax only. It covers tuition, materials, tea, lunch, and internet.
5. *Who should attend*
Course is ideal for PR officers, Customer care officers, administrative and Personal assistants, Receptionists and marketing officers.
6. *Course Objectives*
 ~   To impart to course participants knowledge, critical skills and best attitude needed for effective management and administration of Public Relations and Customer Care. ~   By the end of the course participants shall be able to effectively Institutionalise PR and CC in their organizations.
7. *Course Content*
~   To realize the above objective the course will dwell on topics such as:
    a) Understanding concepts of Management, Public Relations and Customer Care.
    b) Exploration of Corporate Publics, Internal and External Customers.
    c) Principles and Practices of good Public Relations.
   d) Pillars of good Customer Care.
   e) Approaches to good Public Relations.
   f) Understanding behaviour of Customers.
   g) Corporate Customer Care demands.
   h) Evaluating effectiveness of Public Relations and Customer Care
7. *Course Methodology*
~   The course shall be very participative requiring participants to ask and answer questions, comprehend taught materials, do course exercises, work on case studies, share experiences and raise issues and problems for discussion.
8. *Course Fees*
 ~   RECABI’s charge for the course is USD 700 only. This shall take care of tuition, course materials, teas and lunch. Wi-Fi services shall also be provided.
9. *Accommodation*
~   RECABI has nice hostel rooms for student’s accommodation. This is on bed and breakfast basis. Charges are reasonable hence affordable. Booking is required.
10. *Certification*
~   A Certificate of participation shall be awarded to students who meet specified requirements.
11. *Final Note*
~   This course offers you the chance to upgrade your current competencies in the area. Operating in a very conducive learning environment you will find the course is empowering and satisfying. Welcome to RECABI HQ.
 “RECABI empowers Organizations to deliver”

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