Swahili class in Arusha/Practical Kiswahili for Foreigners and non-speakers
EXCUSE MY KISWAHILI! NO MORE ….. It’s fun, motivational and light hearted!
Learn to write fluently, speak confidently and communicate correctly in Kiswahili.
Send us an email to Call: +255 (0) 754 962762

BEGINNER’s level:
1. Pronunciations
2. Greetings
3. Grammar
4. Tenses
5. Parts of Speech
6. Nouns
7. Reading programme
After one week you’ll have enough time for speaking and learning grammar. It’s a very practical course for non-speakers and foreigners to Kiswahililand! After one month, you should be able to communicate.
1. Grammar elaborated
2. Parts of Speech
3. Intensive sentence construction
4. Propositional verbs
5. Accusative verbs
6. Writing skills intensified
7. Effective communication and speaking like an expertWhere we are? In King Solomon’s House (near clock tower).

For two hours you only pay 10 USD – which is much more affordable than other Swahili classes in town.

We are looking forward to hear from you!

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