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1. – Lodge Manager
A lodge located in Marangu Kilimanjaro mostly handling international guests is looking for a well-qualified and experienced Lodge Manager to lead its operations.

Job Purpose: Managing all segments of the Lodge, including lodging/accommodation, food and beverages management, human resources, housekeeping, gardens as well as other guest services. The Lodge manager will often have to work nights and weekends depending on the season to ensure the success of the business.
1. Lodge Management
• Ensures the lodge is well managed and profitably run, its surroundings are neatly cleaned, secure and safe at all times.
• Keeps track of all bookings and works closely with tour operators with the view of ensuring that the booking chart is well maintained and updated accordingly.
• Liaises with headquarters regarding purchase of supplies, materials, equipment, or other resources
• Arranges for maintenance and repair of the buildings, equipment and other facilities.
• Ensures that all supplies, from housekeeping materials to furniture, are in good condition and in stock.
• Implements policies, processes, strategies, plans and procedures for the operation of the establishment.
• Ensures the lodge is compliant to laws in terms of tax payment, licensing, safety management, reporting etc.
• Ensures the lodge is safe and secure at all times.

2. Marketing
• Performs marketing and public relations activities by promoting the lodge through various strategies and media with the view of improving lodge occupancy rate.
• Ensures positive customer experiences by maintaining high-quality standards of the facility and remedying problems.
• Keeps abreast of local happenings so as to book tours or recommend activities to guests unfamiliar with the area.
• Where applicable coordinates functions and events for guests.

3. Human Resources Responsibilities
• Trains staff, and induct new staff members or trainees.
• Maintains employee records and file reports regarding employee’s performance and effectiveness.
• In collaboration with the Managing Director sets goals for employees and organize their performance appraisal.

4. Financial Responsibility.
• Ensures all revenues from accommodation, bar sales, laundry etc. are collected and are instantly banked intact by the cashier and bank slips are properly filed at the office for inspection.
• Monitors payroll, customer billing, and expense accounts
• Ensures fiscal receipts are issued for every transaction.
• Prepares the lodges plan and budget.
• Manages stock.
Required Qualifications:
A University degree or a diploma in Hotel Management or business administration with at least three years industry experience. The ideal candidate should be self-motivated and should have a high level of integrity, business acumen and be able to demonstrate leadership and marketing skills.

Remuneration is negotiable and will be partly fixed and partly based on sales performance.

The house keepers primarily function is to ensure the entire facility including guest’s rooms, the bar, restaurant, toilets, gardens, etc. are clean at all times and are well groomed, maintained and are secure at all times.
Duties and Responsibilities.
• Ensures cleaning activities such as sweeping, mopping, dusting and polishing are properly performed.
• Ensures all buildings and gardens are cared for and inspected accordingly.
• Ensures guest’s property are secure and there is no unauthorized access to the guest’s rooms.
• Supervises the laundry and ensures that money collected from the service is properly and fully accounted for.
• Conducts or initiates minor repairs and replacement of bulbs, water tapes, pumps etc. Checks and ensures there is regular water supply at the lodge particularly in the kitchen, guest’s rooms, toilets and gardens.
• Regularly checks the cleanness of female, male and staff toilets with the view of ensuring that they are clean, and amenities such soap, toilet papers and water are available all the time.
• Ensures tables, chairs, and work stations, in the office and restaurant are always clean and in good state of repair and are properly arranged.
• Protecting cleaning equipment from loss or misuse and making sure there are no inadequacies, misuse or loss.
• Ensures garbage is properly disposed off.
• Ensures there is adequate LUKU and the standby generators has fuel at all times and are in good state of repair.
• Adheres strictly to rules regarding health and safety and be aware of any company related practice.
• Prepares and submits to HQ daily reports on the room occupancy in terms of number of guests, their nationality and whether from contracted clients or just walk-ins.
• Preforms any other duty as shall be assigned from time to time such as service supervision etc.
• Supervises all general cleaning crew.
Reporting: Reports to the Lodge Manager
• Proven Training in cleaning from VETA as well as experience as a cleaner, gardener or house keeper.
• Ability to work with little supervision and maintain a high level of performance
• Customer oriented and friendly
• High level of integrity
• A minimum of O level Secondary education with a Diploma or Certificate in Hotel Management.

• Remuneration is negotiable.

Applications with CV, copies of relevant certificates and names two reliable references
should be sent to info@target.co,tz not later than 30th April, 2018.

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