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About Emanyata Secondary School (ESS)

Located in the outskirts of Ololosokwan Village, Loliondo Division in Ngorongoro District, Emanyata Secondary School (ESS) offers NECTA approved secondary education. It is a mixed-gender boarding school with a residential capacity of up to 400 students. It teaches Form I to Form IV and also have a 3-month Pre-Form-1 program from October to December each year.

Responsibilities and Duties of the Headteacher

The Headteacher will serve as an instructional leader of the school, evaluator of the school’s staff, and the overseer of the operations of the school. He/she will relate the educational objectives of the school to instructional practices that yield the highest standards of student achievement, instructional excellence, community support, and school morale. The Headteacher will be the chief administrative and supervisory official of the school. He/she should be firm in dealings, resolute in conviction and decisions and relentless in execution. He/she will use evaluation for self-improvement and carry out individual improvement plans for the school’s staff. He/she will maintain a high level of competence in the field of education, remaining current in issues related to areas of responsibility and also maintain a high level of personal integrity and a strong work ethic.

Specifies duties will include, but not limited to:
1. Serve as the chief administrative and supervisory official of the school including ensuring timely collection of school fees and individual student records and reports of students’ progress are maintained.
2. Assume ultimate responsibility for the management and operation of the school in accordance with law, administrative code, and school policies and regulations. When necessary, lead in the development or revision of appropriate school policies.
3. Implement registration, screening, placement, evaluation, promotion, and retention policies, and plans and implement graduation ceremonies.
4. Prepare or supervise the creation of all reports, records, and other paperwork as that may be appropriate to the school’s administration.
5. Supervise the effective and efficient implementation of the educational and instructional programs in compliance with government regulations.
6. Develop annual goals and a strategic plan for the school and ensure their effective implementation.
7. Develop the school calendar and monthly activities in partnership with academic and management teams.
8. Provide for coordination and curriculum articulation among and between the grades and in partnership with other schools.
9. Provide an articulated, consistent education for all students while encouraging staff to develop strategies, techniques and activities that reflect instructional diversity, alternatives and flexibility.
10. Collaborate with government officials in the process of monitoring the progress of all students.
11. Oversee the evaluation of instructional materials, including computer programs, library/media acquisitions, and other instructional materials.
12. Act as a student advocate to ensure the rights of all students are respected, and that all students (including those with special needs) have equal access to the educational opportunities necessary to meet their needs and abilities.
13. Maintain the school as a healthy and safe learning environment for students. This will entail maintaining high standards of student safety and conducting and enforcing discipline as necessary in accordance with government policies and students’ rights to due process.
14. Exercise authority over the behavior and conduct of pupils, professional and nonprofessional staff, visitors, and any other persons using or entering the school.
15. Oversee the formulation, planning, and implementation of a staff appraisal and development program for school personnel and direct the program within the school. This will include planning, supporting and assessing individual and teams to ensure smooth operations of the school.
16. Fundraise for scholarships for students in need and improvement of school facilities.
17. Attend or delegate attendance of meetings and workshops related to improvement of learning and management of the school.

Required Qualifications and Skills:

1. Hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. A Master’s degree is an added advantage.
2. Demonstrable 6 years professional and working experience in teaching, leadership, administration and management of a school(s), curriculum implementation and coordination, lesson planning, staff and teacher management, evaluation and development.
3. Excellent interpersonal and team work skills.
4. Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and Kiswahili. Ability to communicate in Maa language is an added advantage.
5. Computer proficiency especially MS Office applications.
6. Resilience, flexibility, creativity and a passion for providing quality education for all children.

Mode of Application:
Please provide a Curriculum Vitae, Cover letter and the highest academic and professional certificates through email address: by Friday, 29th January 2021.

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