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The information in this job profile will be used for a number of purposes including as input into recruitment processes and employee performance reviews and development.

The job profile includes the key outcomes and the essential qualifications required to do the job.  It is not an exhaustive statement of all the outcomes, responsibilities or qualifications required for the job, nor is it intended to limit future changes.  A job profile should neither limit the employee’s opportunities to work creatively and collaboratively or to solve problems, nor limit the supervisor or manager’s ability to assign additional projects and on-going responsibilities to employees.


Job Information

Job Title Head Barman
Department/Function Food and Beverage Department
Reporting Relationship Food and Beverage Managers
External Relationships Suppliers Stores / Waiters / Guest Relations / Kitchen / Reservations & Accounts
Clients Guests / DMCs




(description of the actions that make up each key function)
●        Administrative and Cashier Function


●        Perform all tasks accurately and correctly according to the Food and Beverage Manual.

●        Complete daily, weekly and monthly bars  reports accurately.

●        Strictly follow the company’s and property’s financial procedures.

●        Follow up on out of stock beverages and guest supplies.

●        Ensure all mise-en-place procedures and checklists are strictly adhered to

●        Ensure stock rotation procedures, FIFO and write-offs procedures are strictly adhered to

●        Actively participate in monthly service stock takes and ensure bars are correctly equipped for all seasons

●        Ensure Weekly Beverage Financial Targets are met

●        Ensure beverage COS is achieved weekly

●        Ensure all training is correctly documented and that all barman are at least 80% proficient

●        Ensure accurate records are kept of all guest feedback, preferences and generic daily issues

●        Ensure effective systems of identifying  Elewana Guests and well looked after in all our bars

●        Ensure updated records of loyalty guests and their preferences

●        General Duties and Guest Care ●        Training new employees on company procedures and policies

●        Serving as a liaison between the manager and other staff members

●        Creating new alcoholic beverages or updating existing recipes based on customer requests

●        Overseeing the inventory of liquor in the bar, ordering new supplies when necessary, and organizing storage space for bottles

●        Managing all bar operations including staff scheduling, inventory, ordering supplies, and creating drink specials

●        Ensuring that customers receive prompt attention from waitstaff and bartenders

●        Maintaining cleanliness of bar area and equipment to ensure sanitary conditions for patrons

●        Determining when to stop serving alcohol to patrons who have had too much to drink

●        Preparing drink orders for patrons, including mixing beverages and serving them to customers

●        Ensuring that bars cleaning schedules are strictly adhered to

●        Ensuring adequate mise-en-place before every shift

●        Ensuring Quality controls are strictly adhered to

●        Ensuring 100% availability of all our stocks listed on our beverage list




●        Product knowledge ●        Need to be knowledgeable about all bar techniques especially mixing international classic cocktails, Coffee and other signature coffee drinks

●        Know all your beverages including recipes, Cocktail menus, Food menus, opening times, specials and prices for all outlets of the property (e.g. restaurants, bar,  etc.).

●        Know and be able to explain activities offered within the property and city

●        Know and be able to explain to guests about other properties within the Tanzania

●        Know excursions and activities (what do we have on offer, details, prices) for all properties to be able to explain and sell them to guests.

●        Financial ●        To strictly adhere to billing procedures and voucher information

●        Ensure Accuracy of Bars Reports

●        Assume responsibility for department keys, cost, losses and discrepancies.

●      General ●        To produce a consistent, high quality product, providing a courteous, professional, efficient and flexible service consistent with the hotel’s policies & procedures in order to maximize guest satisfaction.

●        To have a full working knowledge and capability to perform all duties and tasks in the assigned place of work to the standard of performance set. Note that standards are reviewed and changed on a regular basis reflecting change in trends, guest expectations and operating philosophies.

●        Perform other tasks and assist in other departments whenever reasonable and deemed necessary by Management.

●        To demonstrate flexibility and adaptability towards changing working hours and shifts according to the requirements of a 24 hour operation.

●        To respond to changes in your job function as dictated by the industry, company or the hotel.

●        To maintain good working relationships with own colleagues and all other departments.


Liaises with:

  • Food and Beverage Managers / Head waiters
  • Receptionists
  • Duty Managers
  • DMC Guests Relations
  • Duty Managers
  • Executive Housekeeper
  • Accounts / Finance / Stores


Job Requirements

Qualification (Minimum) Essential Desirable
Diploma in Hotel Management   X
Tertiary Qualification in Bartending  or Food and Beverage related X  
Accounting Background   X



Experience (Minimum) Years Essential Desirable
Broad-based Food and Beverage Hospitality experience 5 years X  
Bars Supervision 3 year X  


(Please refer to Key on the last page)

Knowledge Importance Proficiency
B M H E 1 2 3 4
Guest Relations / Customer Care       X       X
Micros       X       X
IBMS     X         X



(Please refer to Key below)

Skills Importance Proficiency
B M H E 1 2 3 4
Interpersonal       X       X
Communication (written and verbal)       X       X
Analytical thinking       X     X  
Time management       X       X
Problem-solving     X       X  
Decision-making     X       X  
Innovative       X       X
Teamwork       X       X
Attention to detail       X       X


Key to Skills and Knowledge Requirements


Importance of Element

Baseline B The element is not unique to this job or directly linked to the key job outcomes (a basic level of competency expected in all jobs).
Moderate M Important for meeting at least some of the key job outcomes.
High H Important for meeting most of the key job outcomes.
Extreme E Essential for meeting all (or nearly all) of the key job outcomes.





Required Level of Proficiency

Novice 1 Requires components of functional/technical competencies under supervision.
Contributor 2 Requires technical/functional knowledge and skills; requires the selection and application of relevant methodology and technology to support operational efficiency; requires the application of appropriate technical or functional processes and standards.
Professional 3 Requires expertise in a technical or functional area; requires the ability to introduce or champion new systems, processes, methodologies, or technologies within the environment; requires the ability to develop concepts and resolve problems.
Master 4 Requires leadership in technical or functional trends; requires the ability to role model/mentor/coach in this area; requires the ability to create long term visions or to impact with long term implications; requires the ability to anticipate future technical or functional competency needs and trends.




Minimum Diploma in Hotel Management



  • 3 years  + in the Hospitality industry.



Equal Employment Opportunity:

Elewana Afrika Ltd provides equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment in employment to all people without regards to race, color, religion, gender, tribe, age, disability, political affiliation, national origin, or marital status.

Our offer:

We offer attractive remuneration, benefits and career progression appropriate to your skills, qualifications and experience.


Please submit your application by e-mail to quoting the Head Barman in the email header no later than 26th November, 2022 with a detailed CV & covering letter, demonstrating how your skills and experience make you the ideal candidate for this position.


Confidentiality assured. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.



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