Content Creator and Designer for Rikolto in Arusha

 Rikolto is an international NGO with more than 40 years’ experience in partnering with farmer organisations and food chain actors across Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. In East Africa, our regional office is based in Arusha. We improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers in East Africa through the development of sustainable agriculture value chains and inclusive businesses.

We are looking for a content creator and designer (freelancer) to create material for a sensitisation campaign about organic waste management with an emphasis on waste separation. For this project, we are collaborating with Chanzi and Kusanya Entreprise to commercialize organic waste collection for recycling and reusing towards a circular economy in Arusha City. We aim to   sensitise the community at large but specifically the market vendors and their clients, hotels and restaurants and residential areas where we will pilot in Kijenge Area.

For this short assignment, the freelancer will be responsible for creating visual and radio content for the sensitisation campaign (posters, public announcement campaigns, leaflets, jingles and social media content). You will ensure that all communication materials and graphics meet the expectations of our stakeholders and targeted audience and are delivered within the set deadlines.

You will work in close cooperation with Rikolto’s communication responsible in Arusha and the project manager.

Expected deliverables:

  • Guarantee Rikolto brand guidelines on all communication material, as well as the visibility of Rikolto, donors and partners.
  • Generate relevant content and messaging about waste separation in Kiswahili for online and print publications (posters, leaflets, social media posts with visuals).
  • Design posters, leaflets, social media visuals and deliver them to the communication officer.
  • Draft and finalise (after review by the communication officer and project manager) content for a radio campaign with jingles and adapt the same content for a public announcement campaign.
  • Facilitate the development of the radio jingles by recommending an influencer for the campaign
  • Generate a short work report with evidence of work done at the end of the assignment.

Key competences and skills required:

  • Being able to communicate and write fluently in Kiswahili and preferably English
  • Creativity to think of the most attractive way to bring a message / programme content to our different stakeholder groups
  • Affinity with sustainability themes, in particular in agricultural and food value chains
  • Attention to quality and details (consistent content and style)
  • Designing skills (adobe illustrator or equivalent programme)
  • Experience with creating content for jingles and public announcement campaigns
  • Have good planning skills to meet the agreed deadlines
  • Excellent knowledge of the regular Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  • Good photographer
  • Degree in Communication, Media, Journalism, Language or Literature. Or equivalent by experience.

Proposed Workplan

Deliverable Expected time Deadline
Create content (messaging) for print and online assets 2 days 18 Jan
Create content for radio campaign and public announcement campaign 1.5 days 19 Jan
Design posters, leaflets and social media posts 1.5 days 21 Jan
Facilitate airing of radio and public announcement campaign 0.5 days 25 Jan
End of work report 0.5 days 28 Jan

 Terms and Conditions

Rikolto Tanzania will offer the best candidate a consultancy contract for maximum 7 fulltime workdays or equivalent to that.

How to Apply

Submit your proposal to mentioning “Organic Waste management communication consultant” by 16th January 2022. Please include your CV, business license, and technical (including workplan) and financial proposal. Candidates failing to submit all documents will not be considered.










Rikolto works to support actors in food systems to unlock their potential to feed the world while simultaneously taking care of the environment. We seek to strengthen the capacities of our partners to harness the dynamics of various food chains with a focus on both formal and informal markets. Our target beneficiaries are farmers, traders and consumers, youth, women, and men.


Rikolto through its partnership with Chanzi Ltd – an organic waste recycling company, desires to commercialize organic waste collection and contribute towards a more circular economy. The main goals of the project are:


–          Ensuring a more hygienic Arusha city with safe spaces for sale of food by cleaning up and reusing organic waste

–          Creating a more diverse supply stream of quality waste for Chanzi

–          Create more employment opportunities for youth in sustainable waste management


The purpose of this assignment is to deliver a light training to identified young waste collectors on entrepreneurial soft skills and occupational safety to capacitate and enhance their entrepreneurship spirit towards pursue waste collection as an income generating activity.

The consultant is expected to transfer practical skills to youth who most do not have formal education in a most friendly and accommodating set up that will ensure easy skills transfer.


The consultant will work in close collaboration with Rikolto staff and Kusanya enterprise – a waste collection business in Arusha.


Expected deliverables

  1. Inception meeting with Rikolto to agree on the workplan and the deliverables
  2. Develop relevant and practical training content for young waste collectors on entrepreneurial soft skills and occupational safety that puts in consideration their background and education status. The entrepreneurial soft skills content should cover the following but not limited to;

o   Life skills and self-awareness

o   Communication and negotiation skills

o   Opportunity seeking and seizing

o   Risk management – coping with ambiguity

o   Growth mindset skills – persistence, tenacity and resilient

o   Waste collection safety


  1. Train youth waste collectors on entrepreneurial soft skills and occupational safety
  2. Generate a short work report with evidence of work done at the end of the assignment.


Key competence and skills required

  1. Degree in business management or entrepreneurship
  2. Experiences in working in developing and delivering soft skill training or TVET training with demonstrated ability in training young people from diverse backgrounds
  3. Experience with offering waste management or/and occupational safety training
  4. Ability to develop simplified training materials in Swahili and deliver training to street youth in a friendly and accommodating setup
  5. Have a good planning skills to meet the agreed deadlines


Proposed work-plan

Deliverable Expected time Deadline
Inception meeting 0.5 days 17 Jan’22
Training content development 2.0 days 19 Jan’22
Training youth waste collectors 2.0 days 21 Jan’22
End of work report 0.5 days 24 Jan’22

Terms and Conditions

Rikolto Tanzania will offer the best candidate a consultancy contract for maximum 7 fulltime workdays or equivalent to that.


How to Apply

Submit a short technical and financial proposal to mentioning “Waste separation communication consultant” by 16th January 2022. Please include your CV, business license, and technical (including workplan) and financial proposal. Candidates failing to submit all documents will not be considered. If we haven’t reached out to you by 17 January, please consider your proposal unsuccessful.


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