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My name is Rose Andrea, I am a woman of 32 years old, I am economist by profession with Bachelor of science in Agricultural Economics &Agribusiness; I am emotional  wellness & Image consultant by skills and I am Personal stylist skilled and by experience.  I am residing in Arusha Region in Tanzania and a faith person too (a very God fearing and honoring person).

I have honor to invite you helping me develop the Emotional wellness and image therapy chamber for women/girls.  Which will involve helping women to manage well their emotions, overcome emotional imbalance and be whole (THIS IS THE INNER WORK) & Have their image outside well packed by being balanced inside and polish well their outlook (fashion) and well carrying themselves as women who are worthy(OUTLOOK) And the Last part is Business consultant as I am economist professionally.

The chamber will have so many resources, The chamber will serve as charitable and business as well.

Sponsoring cost ranges from 7,000,000Tsh to 10,000,000Tsh

You will not regret your sponsor and it will not be of a waste, you will benefit for sponsoring me.

I am looking forward for your comments and follow up with you soon.

Yours Rose Andrea

For more details please contact:

                                  +255 (0) 753 069545


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