Water proof trousers size 8-10


Water proof back pack for day use


Ladies trousers size 12-14


Ladies linen shirts size 12-14


Room heater Tronic


Hand Umbrella big


Ceramic indoor decorations pieces


Indoor pots


Oil paintings and acrylic paintings on canvas – exclusive selection


Quality bedroom photo frames


Quality vases


Candle holders


Tea light candle holders


Musical jewellary box


Ceramic coffee mugs exclusive design


Cooking chocolate ( dark, white , milk)

Different selection of sprinkles


Rado wrist watch

Gent wrist watches for collectors


Stamps for collectors


Coins for collectors


Soft toys , all branded


Aluminum cabinets with glass


Cloth display rails


One lot of hangers


3 beds

3 by 6 size

Spring base with wooden head board


1 lot of suitcase padlocks

1 lot of flash drive

1 lot of pocket knives

1 lot of hair Accesories


Manual chopper

Electric chopper

Super slicer


Power protection plug for fridge and tv


Meat cutting knife from german – new


18 pieces Torch battery operated


Sanitizer machine brand new


Food containers with clip anti spill


Twin electric fryer with oil discharging tap


Electric bainmarie with water discharging tap


Speaker with built in amplifier


Garden umbrella


Wall fan


Cushioned stool


Electric griddle 34” by 24”


One lot of stainless steel crockery


Please email for pic and prices




Have a great Day


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