ceiling fan



Lot of hangers


Kettle hot water


Sanitizer machine for wall


Walking frame and stick


Kindle – paper white


Walk man – Sony


Iwatch – series 5


Food containers – stainless steel with lid and anti spill 20 litres each


Twin electric fryer with oil discharging tap – table top

13 litres by 2


Food warmers with water discharging tap 6” deep and 4 sections


Garden umbrella


Wooden stools with padded black cushions – very comfortable 12 pieces


Electric griddle – 34” by 24”


Display metal cabinets with glass sliding doors


Wooden curtain boxes


Wall paper


Metal round cloth display racks


One lot of hangers


One lot of children stationery


One lot of stainless steel utensils


Lots of teenage cloths

Shoes size 5-6


Boots – swade size 37 brown


Sunglasses – French connection


Rado – wrist watch


Shells decorated wall clock


Exclusive interior pots


Ceramic decorations


Cake and icecream sweets


Linen Trousers size 12-14


Cotton shirts

Boots size 37 swade brown



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