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Contractor for the rehabilitation of the Waste Water Management System at TSOSJ Usa River Campus
Date of announcement 20th February 2020, last day of announcement 5th March 2020 at 14:00 pm
Please read and adhere to all the information, requirements and conditions provided herein below.
1. Introduction
The School of St. Jude Ltd is a registered company that operates three schools in Arusha providing free, high-quality education to 1,800 bright, poor Tanzanian students. The school operates three campuses namely Sisia Campus, Moivaro Boarding Campus and Smith Campus.

TSOSJ is planning and intends to rehabilitate its Waste Water Management System at its Smith Secondary campus in Usa River, Arusha.

2. The Services
Interested parties are hereby invited to tender for the provision of the following services; “The rehabilitation of Waste Water Treatment Plant at The School of St. Jude, Smith Campus, Usa River, Arusha”. Bidders are invited to submit their bids for carrying out the above assignment.

3. Eligibility Requirements
All interested parties are required to do a site visit before bidding. Upon this visit they will receive a breakdown of exactly what is required. This will be the basis for the bid that is to be submitted.
Visiting days & time: Monday to Friday from 1430Hrs – 1630Hrs
To be eligible for consideration of your bid, you should provide the following requirements:
a. Name and postal & physical addresses of the company
b. Name and Nationality of Supplier
c. Minimum of three references for the companies you have supplied same or similar services in the past three years (name & location, name & contacts of customer, contract value & duration)
d. Valid Business licence
e. Tax Identification Number (TIN) registration
f. Sample copies of Proforma Invoice, Tax Invoice, Delivery Note and EFD receipts

4. Price & Payments requirements
To be considered, bidders MUST confirm they abide to the following price & payments guidelines
a. Bid price shall be fixed for a duration of not less than 90days.
b. Payments will be done after successful completion of the required works or at least not less than 30% of the works and they will be only to the extent of the completed works
c. Should the winning bidder require advance payments then the winning bidder must be able to submit to us an advance payment bond from reputable finance institution
d. Tender currency must be in Tanzania Shilling and must include VAT and all related taxes/fees

a. Order of the tender documents
The bids MUST be submitted in the following order;
Arrange your tender in series starting from item 3 (a – f) and item 4 (a – d) above. Failure to arrange sequentially will be disqualification

b. Date & Manner of Submission
All Tenders in one original plus one copy, properly filled in, and enclosed in plain envelopes shall be submitted with the necessary documents mentioned in no 3 above not later than 5th March 2020 at 14:30pm in a sealed envelope clearly marked;

Head of Purchasing,
The School of St Jude Ltd,
Moshono Campus,
P.O. Box 11875

6. Tender Opening
Tenders will be opened on 5h March 2020 at 15:00pm in public. All the Bidders or their representatives must attend in the tender opening at St. Jude’s Boardroom, Moshono Campus. Failure to attend, late tenders, portion of tenders, electronic tenders, and tenders not received, tenders not opened at the tender opening ceremony shall not be accepted for evaluation irrespective of the circumstances.

7. Notification of Shortlisting
Successful bidder (s) shall be notified within 7 days of the tender opening. If you do not hear from us after the lapse of 14 days of the tender opening, you should consider your bid unsuccessful. The School of St. Jude reserves the right to give or not to give reason for winning or for not winning the tender

8. Inquiries
Technical: Head of Maintenance (Tel: 0767 390 022) General: Head of Purchasing (Tel: 0693 141 235)
The School of St Jude
Moshono Campus,
P.O. Box 11875

9. No Solicitation statement
TSOSJ conducts its activities in an honest, transparent and fair manner. All bidders will be given an equal opportunity and evaluated accordingly. Potential and/or any bidders shall not in any way attempt to influence the tendering process. Any form of solicitation in order for any bidder to be favored and/or for other bidders to be treated unfairly shall forthwith disqualify any bidder involved in such conduct

10. Adherence to all instructions
Bidders are hereby encouraged to adhere to all instructions as provided above. Failure to follow instructions or partial fulfillment of instructions shall forthwith be a disqualification.

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