Are you a food processor, food vendor, a food scientist, a consultant, Fresh Fruit and Vegetable actor or just a food safety concerned human being..? Please register and Pay to this world class food safety training and get to the higher level in the Food Sector. My friends who are running restaurants, Hotels, Bars, Nyama Choma,   Caterers, fruit and vegetable farmers and processors, All Food Processors Such as  Meat Processors, Fish Processors,  Honey Processors, Cereal Processors, Sunflower Processors , Peanut Butter Processors, Milk Processors, Spice Processors,  Bakers and all Other food actors along the value Chain Development Should Never Miss This…!


Trainings Have Been Oranized By TechnoServe and  Schedulled in Two Separate Sessions. First Training Session Will Be On 13 & 14 Of September 2021, While The Second One Will Be On 16 & 17 September 2021. This is aiming at allowing flexibility to participants in case they have other duties or for employers who wish to send more than one participants from his / her team, they can split up the team for some to attend the first slot as well as the second one. Training Venue Will Be Communicated Soon  For Those Who Paid As For Now We Want To Confirm The Total Number Of Participants First



The cost per participant is TZS 50,000/- . Organizers will provide meals, training venue, stationaries, training materials ( Pamphlets) and Participation Certificates.


Kindly Please


  1. Effect the payment  as soon as possible because we have ONLY  left with few space for participants,  so we want to know the total number of participants soon for us to proceeds with other Logistics


  1. Send a scanned copy of the payments made or SMS  if payment is made  through M- Pesa Apps


  1. Send the list of names of participants- the way they would like them to appear in the certificates.


The accounts to use for payments are as listed below:



  1. Lipa number (M pesa)


Account no. 5185353 ( TechnoServe Inc )


  1.  TechnoServe Bank account


Bank name: TPB bank


Account name: TechnoServe


Account No: 110227000035



Looking forward to working with you in ensuring high food safety in your business.


In case of any question or Clarification and those in need of leaflets,  Programs Documents, Please Contacts


Eric Mdee




Mob: 0763290290



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