Nearly Four Hundred Tanzanian companies and organizations use this excellent payroll software.

PayEasy is compliant with Tanzanian taxation and pension laws. It prepares the upload files for PAYE, SDL, WCF and NSSF. It prints official pension, withholding tax, Workmen Compensation Fund forms

We assist you to take off with PayEasy payroll, and train and support you.


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Quick Accounts, PO Box 13337, Arusha.




PayEasy is compliant with Tanzanian taxation and pension laws, and stays compliant through frequent updates.




PayEasy software uses algorithms tested and approved by auditors and company accountants.




PayEasy quickly pulls up current and past information.

Print pay slips, tax and pension forms in minutes.


Support & Training


Professional implementation, training and support services are part of the PayEasy solution.




PayEasy has been in use for seventeen years, proving its quality and reliability.




There are no annual license fees for PayEasy payroll.

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