SJN Digital…, brings you a Stress Reliever POS System.

We can help you automate your shop,pharmacy, mini-supermarket e.t.c. Through this software, you can easily track and manage the supermarket inventory and account ledgers. And it also supports the barcode scanner. You can use a terminal printer to print the sales bills. It is simple to use. This software has inbuilt access control to secure the data. Through the SMS and Email integration feature, you are able to send SMS/Email to the customer after payment is received.


This is what the SYSTEM can do for you…

  1. Purchase, Sales Register
  2. POS sales entry system supports the touch screen feature
  3. You can manage all kind of payments
  4. You can easily Import your existing inventory
  5. You can set alerts for low inventory stock
  6. Expiry goods are tracked separately
  7. Supports the thermal billing
  8. Price scheme and tax scheme are easily managed
  9. Inbuilt SMS and Email sending feature.
  10. Manage accounts, track due bills easily.
  11. Access restriction based on user permission.
  12. The software works on a network.
  13. Works on Off-line mode.



  1. Stock Register (Day wise / Brand Wise)
  2. Daily terminal wise payment collection
  3. Daily Sales Report (Brand / Category Wise)
  4. Daily cash register
  5. Supplier Ledger
  6. Stock alert report
  7. Tax Collection report


A little investment, with amazing ROI …! 👌

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