1. Land / Buildings for Rent
The area was original used for a vocational training center however the property is now being offer for rent. It’s near Braeburn International School.
Coordinates = -3.3744555, 36.5901180
The area on offer is 5 acres with two buildings can be used for a Primary School or Secondary school.
Price = 7 Million Tsh per Month
2. Land for Sale
A prime piece of land is now available for sale in the desirable location of Olmoti, Kisongo near safari city.
Coordinates = -3.418599170677506, 36.59993072552519
Measuring a spacious 5.5 acres, this land offers endless possibilities for residential, school, Lodge or Health Clinic
Priced: 47 million TSH per acre (Negotiable)
Call: 0752-320-328 / 0688-756-735

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