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Wind can destroy tents!
• It often comes with heavy rain.
• In the night.
• Guests are uprooted with nowhere to go.
• And the dining tent is now also flattened.
• Exit roads are a quagmire.
This isn’t hype. It happens in many places every year.

STORM NETS We can install roll up, patented storm nets.
• For any type of tent.
• In any location.
• On site.
• No need to take the tent down. Interiors are not touched.
• Even on tents where there are guests staying.
• The tent still ‘breathes’ as it is protected.
• Interiors don’t get soaked by wind driven spray.
• No more anxious nights as you listen to the thunder closing in and the wind rising.
When the rain has gone furl the nets back to their ground pegs. Easy. The tent is back to normal.

Contact us for details. +255 787225544, +255 784200220

You’ll be surprised at our prices.
E.G. 4 bay Frame Tent (8 meters) from Tshs. 890,000/- per side, and Tshs. 670,000/- per end.

Installation crew entirely self sufficient.

Park fees and transport costs to / from site are not included.

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