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Advert for Statutory Audit for RLabs Tanzania

Terms of Reference


  1. Background

RLabs was born as Iringa Living Lab from the Tanz ICT project in 2013, which created ‘Living Labs’ as spaces to develop innovative solutions to community problems involving academic institutions, businesses, government and the community. The model uses design thinking and experiential learning to develop an innovation mindset. As the Iringa Living Lab flourished under the leadership of Yusuf Ssessanga and mentorship of RLabs South Africa, in 2014, the group took the name RLabs Iringa to be an official hub of the RLabs global family. On 29th February 2016, RLabs Iringa was registered as a Community-Based Organisation with Iringa Municipality, registration number: IR/IMC/CBO No. 820.

Since 2013, RLabs has demonstrated the power of its Grow Leadership Programme in giving unemployed young people the confidence and mindset to create innovative businesses. While the organisation had operated informally as a CBO with a group of volunteers, on 13th December 2019, RLabs Tanzania was registered as an NGO under the Non Governmental Organizations Act, 2002 under section (1) and 17(2) of Act number 24 of 2002. The first audited accounts for RLabs Tanzania were then done in 2020 for 2019 financial year. Since 2020, RLabs has professionalised and strengthened the organisation’s programmes and systems.


  1. Objective of the Audit Assignment


RLabs financial year end 31st December, the statutory audit is being commissioned to verify the financial position and performance of the organisation whether the financial reports and operation of the year shows a true and fair view of all undertakings in the year.


The audit is expected to review the reported expenditures against payments made during the year.  The audit is expected to inform the management and the board by confirming the accuracy and correctness of the cash balances for the year and its cash flows.


  1. Scope of the Audit assignment.


The assignment will involve an auditing period from inception January 2023 to 31st December 2023 programme activities and transactions. The auditors are required to conduct the audit in accordance with the International Standards on Auditing (ISAs) and audit standards in Tanzania (if applicable) as per detailed scope of audit. The statutory audit will be conducted in the Iringa office location of RLabs Tanzania.


Oversight of the audit is to be maintained by a senior auditor who should be present at pre and post audit meetings with the organisation, provide a focal point for material queries and ensure that final financial reports being audited are based on materiality and provide constructive recommendations.


  1. Duration of the Assignment

The audit assignment will start on the month of March and be completed in the period of one week inclusive of Final report submission.


  1. Deliverables

The designated auditors shall submit their audit plan, 2 days before commencement of the audit. They shall prepare an Audit Report providing an audit opinion on whether the financial performance and position of the organisation show true and fair view.

The key deliverables are:

  1. i) An opinion on the financial position and performance of RLabs for the
  2. ii) An Audit Report and Management letter which provides a detailed assessment of the transactions reviewed and overall picture of the organisation performance and position.

iii)     Supporting processes of filing final returns and statement of return of income (RoI) online.

  1. iv) Advisory support and guidance on issues around taxes and statutory deductions.


Any interested AUDIT FIRM should apply  before 31st July, 2023 through office e-mail; karibu@rlabs.or.tz. Don’t forget to share your profile including the audit fee budget for the assignment.


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