We are Certified Swimming Coaches that teaches/train swimming step by step following FINA/ASCA/TSA/TSCA coaching modules.

We teach/coach kids, adults, disabled of all swimming levels, from *beginners* to *world class* level swimmers both *Para swimmers* to *Olympic swimmers*

Below is our time table:

*Learn to swim* – Wednesday (3.40 – 4.40 pm) and Fridays (3.10 – 4.10 pm)

*Advanced swimmers* – for all pupils/students who can already swim: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays (3.40 – 4.40 pm).

*Masters* – for adults: Mon, Wed & Fri (5.00-6.00pm)

For those who can’t swim on weekdays, you are invited to book your space over the weekends.

Weekends Timings:

(10.00-11.00am or 11.00-12.00noon or 12.00-1.00pm)
Prices are excellent.

For more info please call 0622000229

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