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2020 marks the 6th year since The Arusha Farmers Market started its operation.
We started this journey with OIKOSEA to create a window of opportunity for the 120 farmers who converted their production from conventional to organic, to safeguard everyone’s health, absorbing the risks of the change.
We offered small scale farmers what they needed the most, a real market for organic products, and a space to connect, on a regular basis, small scale producers with consumers.
From a small experiment, the Arusha Farmer’s Market has become a monthly appointment of friends, we have established a relationship with the farmers and the many local food artisans who transform fresh foods into something even more delicious. Watching it grow has given us hope that we are all ready for a change in the food system.
There are now 4 monthly markets in Arusha, this is a sign that the movement is growing, we are very proud to have catalyzed this!
Join us on the 3rd of October to celebrate another market day, and enjoy our ever growing selection of organic vegetables, dairy products, bread and cakes, organic spices, honey, and natural beauty products.
Support the natural food system movement, it needs you!

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